Apply to graduate

Monash invites you, your family and guests to celebrate your academic achievements in a traditional way by attending a ceremony.

After you complete a course, graduation is not automatic. To graduate at the earliest possible date, coursework students need to apply in your final year.


You can choose to graduate:

  • by attending a ceremony at your home campus or overseas
  • by not attending (in absentia)

Before you apply

To understand your options, go to these pages for details:


Attend a ceremony

In South Africa it's free to attend a ceremony.

In Australia and Malaysia, a fee of $203 covers:

  • gown hire
  • a copy of the program
  • attendance and refreshments for you and three guests

In absentia (not attend a ceremony)

It's free to graduate in absentia.

From 2015, there will be a charge for postage of your graduation documents.

How to pay

Only credit and debit card payments are accepted online. You can make cash and cheque payments at Monash Connect on your campus.

Apply to graduate

Apply using the Web Enrolment System (WES), which allows you to:

  • apply online to graduate
  • check the progress of your application
  • view your ceremony date
  • update details such as name displayed on your certificate, address, attendance, etc.

Current students apply to graduate (login)

Past students apply to graduate (login) - use your name, date of birth and student ID.

After applying