Rebecca Irvine (Philosophy)

Rebecca Irvine (Philosophy)
Rebecca Irvine (Philosophy)

Rebecca studied Monash Extension philosophy in 2010 while at St Margaret's School. She is currently enrolled in Bachelor of Arts as a participant in the Dean's Scholar Program.

Why choose Monash Extension?

"I chose to study Monash Extension because I wanted to get an early insight into university life to help ease my transition, and because I wanted to have a broader range of subject areas to choose from. The Monash program suited me specifically because contact hours were much more flexible, as the subjects were taught through the off campus learning facility, and I was able to fit tutorials and workshops in around my VCE workload."

The benefits

Rebecca thinks that the best thing about doing Monash Extension was getting a head start on her university degree; not only in terms of academic credit but also understanding of the style of writing and marking style at a university level.

"In addition to this, increased networking with other high achievers and the ability to complete a higher standard of work within a field I was passionate about were big benefits."

The transition to university

Aside from simple things like learning her way around campus and making friends who would also be going to Monash, Monash Extension really helped Rebecca understand the different teaching and assessment styles at university.

"This means that while everyone else was stressing about finding things, or knowing how much work to put in, or completing assignments in the right way, and just generally feeling intimidated about starting university, I was able to settle in and feel comfortable straight away."