Julia Buras (Biology)

Julia Buras
Julia Buras

Julia completed a 2010 Monash Extension in biology while attending Trafalgar High School. She is currently studying Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at Clayton campus.

Why choose Monash Extension?

"I chose Monash Extension because I wanted to provide myself with a challenge and expand my knowledge in biology. I thought the program would also help me at university, both as a platform on which I could build and the subject would aid in working out how university functioned —exams, lectures, tutorials."

Monash Extension allowed her to study the unit through an off-campus learning (or distance education) option, which was perfect for Julia as she lives in a rural location. The option was flexible enough to allow her to organise her study time around her VCE subjects.

The benefits Julia found the Monash Extension unit has given her an excellent grounding in the biochemistry component of her current medical course. It also gave her an insight into the university environment. She learnt how university units build on knowledge acquired during VCE. Most of all, she appreciated the added bonus points towards her ATAR score. The highlights “I remember being excited about biology for the whole year and the main highlight of my Monash Extension studies was seeing the culmination of my year of study at the Graduation Ceremony. I was the highest achiever in biology. The practical reports, although tough at times, were memorable and I was provided excellent constructive feedback.”