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Academic promotion for women

The Women's Leadership and Advancement Scheme contributes to a range of strategies designed to increase the representation of women in academic promotion applications and success rates, especially at senior levels.

Strategies include:

  • Monitoring academic promotion application and success rates for women each year
  • Reporting on these outcomes to University committees including the Equal Opportunity for Women Committee and the Faculty Social Inclusion Coordinating Committee
  • Facilitating an annual information session for women on academic promotion in conjunction with Human Resources
  • Advising on and supporting the University’s commitment to equal opportunity in academic promotion

For full details of academic promotion, including guidelines and application forms, refer to the Academic Promotion website. 

In support of the University's Equal Opportunity Policy, Monash University provides an opportunity for promotion candidates to include a statement of relevant circumstances in their application for promotion.  Please refer to the  Academic Promotion website for suggestions on preparing a statement of relevant circumstances. 

Statistics on application and success rates by gender can be found here on the Academic Promotion Statistics website