Failed and invalid units


After results release, the Web Enrolment System (WES) checks your unit enrolment. This check takes up to three days.

Invalid units

WES will discontinue units and mark them as invalid if they do not meet certain rules. We send an email to your Monash account if you have invalid units. Units become invalid if:

  • you failed a unit that has prerequisites or corequisites
  • you have enrolled in units that are incompatible (cannot be studied together).

Check WES after results release

It's important to check and update your enrolment in WES to ensure you:

  • remove all invalid units
  • enrol in other units.

See check enrolment details

Unit selection

Contact your faculty if you're unsure about making new unit selections.

Failing a unit due to extreme circumstances

If you receive a fail grade of N or WN for not completing a unit assessment, due to extreme circumstances beyond your control, you can apply to have the grade altered to WI (withdrawn incomplete). Unlike other fail grades, a WI will not be included in your Grade Point Average (GPA) or Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

To apply:

  1. apply in writing to your course managing faculty within four weeks of the grade being finalised
  2. provide evidence that your circumstances were extreme and either:
    • arose during the withdrawn fail period or later
    • did not have their full impact until the start of the withdrawn fail period or later
    • prevented you from withdrawing from the unit before the withdraw fail period.

Acceptable reasons include:

  • serious illness requiring hospitalisation
  • death of an immediate family member
  • obligations to emergency or military service
  • extreme circumstances of similar severity.

Acceptable evidence includes:

  • record of hospital admission
  • police reports
  • notification of obligations to emergency or military service.

Your faculty will assess your application and notify you of the result. If successful in your application, you will need to re-enrol in the unit in order to pass it.

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