The Krongold Centre

Psychology and guidance services for people of all ages
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+61 3 9905 4393


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Krongold Centre,
57 Scenic Boulevard,
Monash University VIC 3800

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9am - 4pm

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Free parking is available to clients at the front of the centre. Wheelchair access is available.

Krongold Centre building

We tailor all our services to meet the unique needs, wants, and values of the people for whom we care.

Qualified and experienced professionals deliver our clinical and consultancy services - with help from provisionally registered psychologists who are completing their specialist training.

As a university based service, all our practices benefit from being supported by the expertise of our researchers. In turn, the centre seeks to support these researchers actively build knowledge to which end clients are asked to allow for de-identified data from their consultations and assessments  to be used for research, that is with complete anonymity.

Our staff teach in the following Faculty’s postgraduate programs:

  • educational and developmental psychology
  • counselling psychology
  • counselling
  • inclusive education.

Together, we are a multi-disciplinary team that seeks to deliver the best possible evidence based counselling, educational and developmental psychology and guidance services to our community.

Autism service

We offer a range of programs for children and their families under the Government initiative Helping Children with Autism.

These include:

  • Development of interpersonal skills with a focus on functional communication and social engagement
  • Social skills groups (depending on sufficient demand)
  • Behavioural interventions based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Supporting parents in the delivery of intensive early intervention facilitated by TOBY Playpad
  • Outreach support for kindergarten, child care or transition to school
  • Early education group (transition to school).

Coordinator: Dr Angelika Anderson

Educational and developmental psychology service

We provide comprehensive assessment, treatment and support programs across all stages of life. These include:

  • in depth psychological and educational assessments with support from our research specialists
  • advice on educational and developmental issues that may develop across the lifespan
  • support for interventions and facilitating accommodations for the individual, parents, family, other health practitioners, teachers, schools, and disability support services.

Coordinator: Dr John Roodenburg

Counselling psychology service

We offer affordable counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, parents and groups. We cover issues such as

  • relationship
  • identity
  • coping loss
  • relaxation
  • and wellbeing.

Coordinator: Dr Janette Simmonds

Gifted educational advisory service

We offer educational consultancy and support for children with indicators of gifted potential.

Coordinator: Dr Leonie Kronborg