Motivation, stress and time management

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SMART Program

SMART is a free program made up of several modules designed to maximise your academic outcomes by helping you to:

  • Develop strategies to build success
  • Use your time effectively
  • Develop and maintain motivation
  • Increase your employability
  • Manage your stress throughout the year and during exam time

If you want to improve your results or address areas of difficulty, these sessions can help you to reach your goals.

Best results are achieved by attending all SMART modules, but you can register for single sessions, based on your needs.

Session times and registration

To book: Please register on the booking system.  Students may attend sessions at any campus. 

Session outlines

Session times

Strategies for success

- Identify your learning style

- Learn from the experience of successful students

- Understand and improve the way you learn

Clayton: Mon 10 August, 12-1pm

Caulfield:  Wed 12 August, 12-1pm

Berwick: Wed 12 August, 12-1pm

Time management

- Learn to prioritise and plan

- Create a plan to achieve your goals 

- Make the most of your time

Clayton: Mon 17 August, 12-1pm

Caulfield:  Wed 19 August, 12-1pm

Berwick: Wed 19 August, 12-1pm

Peninsula: Wed 26 August, 10-11am

Staying motivated

- Learn to let go of perfectionism

- Explore how to build and maintain motivation

- Develop strategies to manage procrastination

Clayton: Mon 24 August, 12-1pm

Caulfield:  Wed 26 August, 12-1pm

Berwick: Mon 24 August, 12-1pm

Stress management

- Identify your stressors

- Manage challenges as they arise

- Learn to maintain a balanced lifestyle

Clayton: Mon 31 August, 12-1pm

Caulfield:  Wed 2 September, 12-1pm

Berwick: Wed 9 September, 12 - 1pm

Peninsula: Wed 9 September, 10 - 11am

Working in a group

- Getting the most out of working in a group

- Common issues when working in groups

- Strategies to overcome common issues

Clayton: Mon 7 September, 12-1pm

Caulfield:  Wed 9 September, 12-1pm


Conflict resolution

- Identify your personal conflict style

- Learn ways to manage conflict

Clayton: Mon 14 September, 12-1pm


- Improve your exam preparation

- Manage your expectations

- Explore what works for other students

- Tips for staying well throughout the exam

Clayton: Mon 5 October, 12-1pm

Caulfield:  Wed 7 October, 12-1pm

Berwick: Wed 7 October, 12-1pm

Peninsula: Wed 7 October, 10-11am


Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences students, please see Student Newsletter or Learning Skills (Parkville) website for upcoming workshops. 

More Information

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Training course available at the Peninsula library:  University expectations and study skills


Minto Felix

Mental Health Programs Coordinator

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