Working in Australia

Before you apply for work

International students

Check that you can work in Australia with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP):

Check if your existing qualifications and skills meet Australian standards:

Workplace rights

Workplace entitlements vary across the world. Learn what these are in Australia:

If you are unsure of your work rights in Australia, contact us to make an appointment.

Get work experience

Many employers want to hire people with previous work experience as this demonstrates a range of skills.

Learn more about how to find and get work experience.

Find work

Learn about different job hunting methods.

Job search engines

Journals and newspapers

Check the classified section of newspapers and journals. They only advertise in the hardcopy edition.

  • The Age
  • The Herald Sun
  • The Australian
  • Leader community newspapers

Graduate programs

Graduate positions and graduate programs are jobs specifically for new and recent graduates. Recruitment occurs each year during March and April.

Companies with graduate programs are recruiting five or more graduates at a time. They generally have structured, professional development to advance you to the senior levels of the organisation. Graduate recruits may spend 1-3 years in a specific role or rotate through different areas of the organisation.

To learn more about graduate programs, see:

Victorian Government Overseas Skills Registry

The Victorian Government recognises that overseas-qualified professionals and skilled migrants often find it difficult to access job markets due to lack of local networks and professional references.

Remote or rural employment

Self employment