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 Virtual Research support group

In order to support the research activities of colleagues at the Peninsula campus , 'a virtual' research support group has been established with the aim of reading and commenting on research applications. 

This group includes people who are early career researchers who wish to gain experience through reading a range of research applications. 

Staff wishing to make use of the expertise if this group should contact the person directly (including at least one person being mentored, cc'ing in Marilyn Fleer when readers have been confirmed) to see if they are available to act as 'readers' of your grant.  Staff interested in being a part of this group as a reader, should contact Peninsula Research Coordinator Professor Marilyn Fleer


Expert Reader



Early Career Reader




  Dr Glenn Auld Education, with expertise in:  qualitative research methods, technology and literacy.
Professor Rob Brooks   BusEco, with expertise in:  econometrics, finance and economics
Dr Rachel McDonald   OT, with expertise in journal writing (is a reviewer for 5 journals) and has UK experience of grant writing
  Dr Chris Peers Education, with expertise in visual art curriculum and pedagogy with psychoanalysis, history of education and philosophy of education, gender studies.
Dr Joce Nuttall Dr Joce Nuttall Available in 2008
Education, specifically tertiary education
Adele Morrison   Nursing, Mildura Campus, with expertise in mental health nursing with experience in clinical practice.
Professor Margaret O’Connor   Nursing and Midwifery, with expertise in Palliative Care research
  Dr Amy Cutter-MacKenzie Education, with expertise in environmental education, sustainability and mixed methods.
Dr Craig Fry (Research Fellow)   Health Sciences, with expertise in psychology, public health and applied ethics
  Libby Callaway




Department of Occupational Therapy, Health Sciences with expertise in disability (specifically acquired brain injury), community practice and rehabilitation and occupational experiences as it relates to health and wellbeing.
Dr Susan Mayson   Department of Management and Research Associate at Education Plan Implementation Group (out of the office of the DVC Education), BusEco, with specific skills in teaching and learning in higher education, academic work, academic career mobility, management, human resource managing in small firms.
Dr Susan Lee


  Postdoc Fellow from NHRMC, with expertise in palliative care with a multidisciplinary focus.
  Dr Suzy Edwards Education, with expertise in high education research, early childhood curriclum research, and ICT.
Research at Peninsula
Research  at Monash