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Issue 4 May & June 2007   |    Email Offcourse -

International Student Connections

Calling for Volunteers

We’re calling for volunteers from Caulfield campus staff members to participate in the International Student Connections Program. The program is a joint initiative of Health, Wellbeing and Development and Campus Management.  

The commitment required for this role is half an hour contact with international student(s) on a weekly basis to help him/her adjust to life in Australia and to provide pastoral support throughout semester two.  For example, helping students to get around Melbourne (eg. purchasing a Met ticket, where to shop, what to do), teaching him/her AFL rules, explaining social customs (eg. whether to bring something, what to bring when you’re invited to someone’s house). 

Staff volunteers participating in the program receive training prior to commencement and ongoing support.  

If you’re interested in the role and being involved in the program, you are invited to attend an individual short meeting (approximately 10 minutes) where you will be given more detailed information about the program. Please contact Mio Ihashi at if you are interested in participating.  

Some comments from current participants: 

“It is great to make contact with the locals outside the classroom. Though the connection, I got a clear picture of Australian economics, politics and even their core cultural values. I can practice my English under the casual and relaxing meeting environment. It's a very good opportunities for students to enhance our conversational English.” (Clara, student)

“I can tell she has been so serious to this connection program. She really cares about me. She told me a lot of her life experience. She kept encouraging me when I was upset by some unhappy things, like poor mark assignments. She also gave me many useful suggestions, like how to put the priority of work. I really learned much from her.” (Emma, student)  

“XXX (student) is quite stress with her exams and assignments (as usual for this period of time). I just be a good listener for her.” (Poy, staff member)  

“I really enjoyed my weekly catch-ups over coffee with 2 bright and fun-loving students who were keen to learn about and participate in local activities. Our talks ranged from the plight of aborigines in Australia to the difficulty of enjoying Melbourne activities without transport and it seemed to me that we were all aware of this unique opportunity to share ideas.” (Lynn, staff member).

Educating the Professions for Sustainability

One Day Conference - Friday 13 July - Caulfield Campus

The Monash Sustainability Network will be holding a one day "Educating the Professions for Sustainability" conference at the Caulfield Campus.  The conference is being supported by The Graduate School of Business.  There will be a range of internal and external presenters and the day will feature lots of opportunities for discussion and networking.

For early registration and further details about the conference please contact Jeff McLean on ext 32608 or Wayne Gumley ext 32784.

Monash Metro Games - Only 2 weeks to go!!!

Thursday 12 July and Friday 13 July will see the 6 Victorian campuses of the university come together to take part in fun and friendly modified sports. This unique event will rock Monash Sport Clayton with everything from dodgeball to soccer to teeball with an emphasis on getting out there and ‘having a go’. 

Monash Sport is looking to have as many people as possible involved so whether its participating in a team, lending a hand in running the event, or just coming down to offer support it would be great to see strong numbers from the Caulfield Campus.  

Staff and students of all skill levels are welcome to participate and everyone is encouraged to join in the fun. So organise a few people and enter your own team or register as an individual and Monash Sport will find a team for you. A social night after the event is planned at the Nottinghill Hotel to relax after hard day of playing sport and meet fellow members of the Monash community!  

To register on line or for more information on Metro Games visit  

Registration can be completed on line with a credit card otherwise cash payments can be made in person to your campus contact listed on the Metro Games website. The cost is only $10 per player for up to 5 sports or $5 for community card holders.  

Entries close in just over a week so hurry and lets give the other campuses a run for their money.  

If you have any questions please contact Kris McCarthy directly on 32519 or 44498 or via mobile phone 0402 847 767.

Monash Sustainability Network

Did you know that there is a Monash Sustainability Network?  Any suggestions for events and activities that would assist in developing and expanding the Monash Sustainability Network would be welcomed.  Do you know of other people who would like to be part of the Network?  Do you have any suggestions for events/workshops - eg., Making your Home "Carbon Neutral".  Do you have any great fundraising ideas or activities?  If you would like to be a part of this Network, please email Jeff Mclean at 

10,000 Steps - Happy Feet Challenge

The get ACCTIVE Group is happy to announce the following winners and award the following prizes as follows for the 10,000 Steps Happy Feet Challenge held between March and May 2007.

Most active individual - Malcolm Jenkins (Team - Rinaldo's Amigos). Malcolm stepped an amazing 1,860,225 steps during this 5 week challenge - well done Malcolm!!! He will receive a certificate and a massage voucher from Health, Wellbeing and Development.  Congratulations Malcolm. 

(Malcolm Jenkins - Most Active Individual)

Most improved individual - Andrew Cowen (Team - Walkie Talkies). In the first week of the challenge Andrew stepped 106,400 steps and in the last week of the challenge increased his steps to 275,000 steps - a terrific improvement.  Andrew will receive a certificate and a massage voucher from Health, Wellbeing and Development. Well done Andrew and enjoy the massage!! 

First Team to cross the finishing line - Twinkle Toes.  Twinkle Toes are staff from Social Work who have been great supporters of the 10,000 steps walking challenges and always have a high stepping rate. They finished the event on 8 May, well ahead of schedule!! The team will receive a certificate and each team member will receive a double pass to the movies - a great opportunity for them to rest their weary feet!!! 

(On behalf of Team Twinkle Toes, Rosemary collects the prizes from Napoleon)

Team with the Highest Average Steps - Fiery Footnotes. The Firey Footnotes are staff from the Library and also terrific supporters of the 10,000 steps walking challenges. There is always keen rivalry between Twinkle Toes and The Fiery Footnotes - with both these teams placing first or second in all the challenges we have held here at Caulfield.  The Fiery Footnotes will receive a team certificate and each team member will receive a Monash scarf - just the thing for these very cold days. 

(Napoleon salutes Team Fiery Footnotes - Highest Average Steps)

Finally, a certificate for the Most Improved Team. This has been awarded to Walkie Talkies.  Team Walkie Talkies is made up of staff from the Caulfield Service Centre - appropriate name, given that they spend the majority of their day providing advice and assistance to students.  Walkie Talkies will receive a team certificate and each member of the team will receive a double pass to the movies.  Enjoy!! 

(Team Walkie Talkies - Most Improved)

The get ACCTIVE Group will be launching another challenge in a couple of weeks, so please keep an eye out for a campus wide email inviting you and other members of the Caulfield campus community to participate.

On behalf of the get ACCTIVE Group, and our mascot Napoleon, thanks for being part of the Happy Feet Challenge.

Changes to Learning Support Services

Staff and students at the Caulfield campus will be aware that responsibility for the provision of learning support services to students is moving from the Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT) to the Library, with effect from semester 2, 2007.

The new model builds on the concept of the learning commons by integrating student learning support with other support services available in or through libraries, including information literacy programs and advice on effectively locating, evaluating and using information.

CALT is retaining ongoing responsibility for the provision of services to staff, including professional development and educational technology support.

Over the period 4 June to 13 July inclusive, Caulfield students who require learning support should contact the CALT office on ext 31198. Caulfield staff who wish to arrange for learning support over this period should also contact the CALT office.

The Caulfield Campus Language and Learning Resource Centre closed on 31st May.  Students and staff should search the Library catalogue at for language and learning resources held by the Library.

From the start of semester 2 the Learning Skills services for students that will be provided by the Library will include drop-in sessions open to all students at the Caulfield and other branch libraries, classes and workshops at Caulfield and other campuses, and appointment contacts (for HDR and other identified students). Details of these services will be provided via the Library website and other mechanisms as appropriate.

Commencing in early June and continuing through July, Learning Skills Advisers appointed to the Caulfield Library will be co-located with the Library's team of Information Services librarians on level 3 of the Library. Learning Skills Advisers will be particularly interested in working with academic staff to embed and integrate academic skills development into Faculty coursework and curricula.

In moving into a new area of service provision, the Library will not be reducing the service at Caulfield or other campuses but will be looking for ways to most effectively support students from the undergraduate through to HDR levels via the new service.  2007 is a transitional year, and in that there may be disruptions. The Library and CALT are working together to minimise these in particular during the period from the beginning of June to the start of semester 2.

 Meditation has no religious affiliation, but is based on traditional meditation practices.  Research shows that the practice of mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety and depression and improves health and wellbeing.

Presented by Renee Gedge, Clinical Psychologist - Health, Wellbeing & Development on Tuesdays from 12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m. in the Caulfield Campus Spiritual Centre - Building B, Level 1.  No need to register, just go along.

Collaboration between Faculty of Art & Design and Health, Wellbeing and Development

The launch of the Health, Wellbeing and Development (HWD) poster campaign sees student artwork connect with students.  The aim of the campaign is to bring to students’ attention to some of the issues which may be addressed in counselling .  The posters are the result of a collaboration between HWD and Jenny Allen and Dorothy Pauder of Visual Communication. 

Designed to communicate with students in a novel way, the 7 images were selected retrospectively from students' past work.  The themes are: Adjustment to University , Depression, Culture Shock, Anxiety & Stress, Relationships, Grief & Loss, and Academic Enhancement.  Throughout semester 2, the posters will be showcased one at a time over the campus every 2 weeks.  Each one will be launched individually at Mamadukes Café on alternate Fridays at 4.30 pm starting on Friday 27th of July.   Please note the dates in your diary and come and have a look.  The posters are all on permanent display in the Building B corridor going from the tunnel to Sir John Monash Drive.

Change of Name - Offcourse

Is it time for Offcourse  to change it's name?  If you think it is, and you have a suggestion as to what the newsletter could be called, please email  Also look forward to hearing from people who think the title should remain as is.

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation has no religious affiliation, but is based on traditional meditation practices.  Research shows that the practice of mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety and depression and improves health and wellbeing.

Presented by Renee Gedge, Clinical Psychologist - Health, Wellbeing & Development

Now being offered twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.00 noon to 12.30 p.m. in the Caulfield Campus Spiritual Centre - Building B, Level 1. 

No cost/fee.  No need to register, just go along.

Post Office Boxes

Private Post Office boxes are available for lease at The Plaza in Dandenong Road.  People with inquiries can see the staff there between 8.00 - 10.00 a.m for more information and an application form or via the Australia Post website:,1467,CH2149%257EMO19,00.html

Women's Networking Group

If you enjoy meeting other staff on campus over lunch, why not join the Caulfield Women's Networking & Support Group?  The group meets monthly on Mondays and always has interesting speakers.  If you would like to join or have further queries, please contact Helen Dunne on ext. 31595 or via email:

Members from the Women's Networking Group and other staff have formed a campus quilting group and have been meeting on a regular basis.  Here are is a photo of some of the baby quilts the group has made.

New Buyers for Monash Merchandise

An invitation is extended to all members of staff to contact Gay Bakewell or Niki Filinis who can assist with all Monash merchandise requirements.  With Open Day fast approaching, they can assist with some suggestions, including many new items not featured in the Monash University Shop.  Gaye can be contacted on ext 54188 and Niki on ext 51428. 

Charity Mail

All departments are advised that Monash University is endorsed as an income tax exempt charitable institution by the Australian Taxation Office, under subdivision 50B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.  As a result there may be opportunities of making savings when posting out bulk small letters for charitable purposes on any of the Monash Australia Post accounts. 

Please refer to the Facilities & Services web page for specific information on Charity Mail:

Witnessing of Documents

If you need documents witnessed, please contact Christel Kent who will provide you with names of other staff who can assist.

If you are qualified to witness documents and you are happy to be added to the list of those who can assist, please contact Christel Kent by telephone ext. 31000 or via email:

Caulfield Profiles

This month Suzanne Wolf of Health Wellbeing and Development tells us a little about herself and time here at Caulfield .....

How long have you been at Monash/Caulfield/Chisholm and could you please tell us a little about your role here?

Would you believe 20 years?  Hard for me to believe. 

You would have seen many changes in the University during your time here, could you please give us your views - both good and bad.  

When I first came to Chisholm there were many part-time students who came at night and they weren't around so much.  Now there is much more of a buzz on campus and it feels more like a university.  The student profile has changed completely, with so many international students which is very exciting.   The physical nature of the campus has also changed very much for the better with green areas and some really interesting buildings.  

Where were you before coming to Monash? 

Wavecare, a counselling service in Glen Waverley and also at the Council of Adult Education running groups in "Assertiveness Training", "Building Self- Esteem" and "Women, Eating & Body Image". 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love cycling, walking on the beach and in the country, reading, and movies. 

Do you have a favourite quote you would like to share?

"To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily.  Not to dare is to lose oneself."   Soren Kierkegaard. 

Have you done much travelling? If so, where is your favourite destination?

I've done a few cycling tours overseas. I loved France and am learning French and Italian.  The Vietnam cycling tour was great too.  

I know that you have recently become a grandmother - could you tell us a little bit about the new addition to your family?

Leo is absolutely gorgeous and a miracle.  I feel I have entered a most wonderful new phase of life.

If you would like to be "profiled" in an upcoming edition of Offcourse, please email me at


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