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Caulfield campus at a glance

With about 16,000 students and staff, the Caulfield campus is Monash University’s second largest. The campus is the main office of the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Art Design & Architecture, and the Faculty of Information Technology, and is also home to MUMA - the renowned Monash University Museum of Art.
The disciplines on campus include economics, econometrics and business statistics, business law and taxation, marketing, accounting and finance, management, fine art, design, architecture, information technology and systems, behavioural studies, Australian studies, communications, criminology, English, English as an international language, film and television studies, gender studies, history, human rights theory, international studies, Italian studies, Japanese studies,  journalism, literary studies, philosophy, politics, sociology, health science and social work. A wide range of undergraduate, graduate/postgraduate and research programs are available in these disciplines.

Faculties located on the Caulfield campus

Caulfield's multifaceted nature is reflected in the range of programs it offers on campus.

Image of Caulfield campus
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Monash University
Caulfield campus

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