Patient Tests

  1. Phase 1

    definition and
    project planning

  2. Phase 2

    Product Development

  3. Phase 3

    First patient tests, followed by Clinical Trials

  4. Phase 4

    Certification and Production

  5. Phase 5

    Ongoing research and development

Register your interest

If you have experienced loss of sight and believe that the MVG bionic eye approach could help, please register your interest in our program. Although first patient tests are not due to start until after 2014, we are very interested to hear from you throughout all stages of the program.

Please note that this is an expression of interest only and does not guarantee participation in patient tests, nor does it place any obligation upon you to participate in our research.


Bionic eye human tests

The direct to brain bionic eye will bypass damaged optic nerves.

Supplementing vision

Groundbreaking technology that could bring sight to up to 85% of people who are clinically blind will be tested in patients. Express your interest in being part of this exciting program.