Monash Vision Direct to Brain Bionic Eye

Monash vision direct to brain bionic eye

Bionic Vision

Up to 85% of people who are clinically blind could benefit.

Who we can help


The technology

A brain implant will directly stimulate the V1 visual cortex.

Bionic eye technology


The team

Some of the world’s leading experts in their fields.


Project overview

Monash Vision Group (MVG) is a collaboration between Monash University, Alfred Health, MiniFAB and Grey Innovation. MVG has two key goals; to develop research capabilities in medical bionics for vision restoration and to produce a cortical prosthetic prototype device suitable for implantation in patients. Many people who are blind or vision impaired have damaged optical nerves, which prevent signals reaching the brain. MVG aims to restore a sense of sight by transmitting wireless signals directly to an implant in the brain. The project is funded through the ARC Research in Bionic Vision Science and Technology Initiative. Learn more about the Monash Vision Group.