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Dr Sam Prince (MBBS 2006)


Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Dr Sam Prince is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Born in Dundee, Scotland to Sri Lankan immigrants, Dr Sam Prince moved with his family to Australia in 1986. Gifted academically, he began tertiary education at the age of 16 at the Australian National University after which he graduated with a degree in Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Monash University in Melbourne.

Sam's success in his businesses and aid work derives from a rare ability to clearly visualise gaps and practical solutions to seemingly vast problems, and to drive these through implementation by force of willpower and by inspiring others to believe in his vision. He believes that aid work should be run with the same rigour as business. With a dedicated and passionate team, which invariably includes the best minds in their fields, Sam has demonstrated the outcomes that can be achieved in business and aid work when this is applied.

Sam created his first business, Zambrero Fresh Mex Grill in his hometown – Canberra, at age 21. Zambrero is built upon the key principles of happiness, healthy food, and humanitarianism. In the following years, Sam continued to practice as a doctor and has grown Zambrero to over 80 stores and counting, 650 staff and over $60 million in group revenue.

The business was recognised as the fastest growing franchise in Australia in 2010 by BRW and continues to double in size each year. Zambrero’s unique difference is its Plate 4 Plate program. Through partnership with Stop Hunger Now, Zambrero has provided over 4.5million high protein, high vitamin meals that help strengthen people suffering from malnutrition in developing countries.

Mѐjico restaurant and tequila bar was launched in Sydney CBD in February 2013. The restaurant was born from Sam’s passion for both the hospitality industry and Mexican food. Mejico restaurants are growing globally with two additional restaurants now in Miranda and Bangkok. The hospitality group is also adding a new concept under its banner in 2015.

In 2014 Sam founded Life Letters, a company that is bringing genetic testing into the hands of doctors and consumers. Life Letters believes that genetics can help prevent disease and promote wellness. By completing a simple test people can gain a greater understanding of their own bodies and make better, more informed decisions about their health and the health of their families.

Paying homage to his parent’s heritage (and grateful for his start in life), Sam founded The E-magine Foundation in 2007, which built and equipped 15 information technology (IT) learning centres in rural Sri Lanka. The program was handed over the Sri Lanka government to manage and expand further.

Sam also established the not-for-profit One Disease that aims to eliminate significant diseases affecting Australians today in 2008.  Sam, now joined by a team including Nobel laureates, the Australian Governor General and legendary medal scientists have redefined the model of how to partner and practice within Aboriginal communities in Australia. They have currently focused their efforts on Crusted Scabies.

Dr Prince is also a sought-after speaker on both a local and international stage. His achievements have been recognised through a number of awards including the 2012 ACT Young Australian of the Year,  2012 Ernst & Young ACT Entrepreneur of the Year, the Junior Chambers International ‘Outstanding Young Person of the World’ 2008. He was honoured with the Monash University Distinguished Alumni Award in 2012 and he received the Weary Dunlop Fellowship in 2011.


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