Professor Tim Flannery

Professor Tim Flannery
Professor Tim Flannery (MSc 1981)

Distinguished Alumni Award 2008

Professor Tim Flannery (MSc 1981) is an acclaimed writer, scientist and explorer and was the 2007 Australian of the Year and 2005 Australian Humanist of the Year.

Professor Flannery has authored more than 130 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has written numerous books, including his international bestseller on global warming The Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change.

His literary opinions are highly sought after and he is a regular book reviewer for the prestigious New York Review of Books.

While arguably best known in Australia for his commentary on environmental issues, Professor Flannery has a distinguished record in the fields of zoology and palaeontology.

For more information on Professor Flannery view his Prominent Alumni profile.

Photo courtesy of Adam Bruzzone.

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