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Mr John Sturdy video

A title: Mr John Sturdy, Distinguished Alumni Service Award 2008 recipient

Voiceover: "John Sturdy graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in 1978, a Master of Engineering Science in 1988 and an MBA in 1990.

"Over the last two decades, Mr Sturdy has been a dynamic contributor to alumni, student and University activities.

"He founded the Monash MBA Alumni Network and was a long-serving committee member of the Monash Alumni Association.

"He regularly volunteers his time, energy and expertise to the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Economics.

"Monash University pays tribute to John Sturdy for his extensive contribution to the alumni community and the student experience."

Mr Sturdy: "I was certainly involved in the initiation and commencement of the MBA alumni organisation called 'Network'. To have a world-class degree from Monash of an MBA, we needed to have a strong alumni body which it didn't have. Within the space of two years, we had an organisation that had over 600 members.

"I recall, probably, the words of my later father George Sturdy who used to say: 'Give freely to others, and contribute and assist where possible, and you will be rewarded many times over in a way and manner that you don't perceive at the time'.

"Receiving the Monash Alumni Service Award is a humbling experience. It's a personal award but, really, I think it's more a recognition of the University - of the contribution of not only what I've done but what others have done voluntarily for a number of years; where they've put a large amount of time and effort and passion to assist others for no monetary reward.

"It's been a service that's been provided by a number of people, and I think an award of this nature brings to the fore the value that the University places on this contribution.

Description: Mr John Sturdy, BE(Hons) 1978, MEngSc 1988, MBA 1990, 2008 Distinguished Alumni Service Award, Monash University logo.

Video ends.

Megan Keating
Alumni Events Project Manager
Tel: +61 3 9903 4679

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