Distinguished Alumni Awards 1999-2000

Dr Margaret Leggatt AM
Dr Margaret Leggatt AM (BA(Hons) 1975, PhD 1981)

Mr Tim Costello AO (BJuris 1976, LLB 1978, DipEd 1979)

The former lawyer, minister and constitutional reformer was recognised as a champion of local democracy, a community activist and an advocate for the socially disadvantaged and the homeless.

Dr Margaret Leggatt AM (BA(Hons) 1975, PhD 1981)

Awarded for her passionate and eloquent leadership in helping to address and ameliorate the situation of people with mental illnesses, and for raising community consciousness of their needs.

Professor Pasuk Phongpaichit (BEc(Hons) 1969, MEc 1971)

A researcher and scholar, whose investigations into the Thai illegal economy exposed the extent to which institutional corruption and intimidation affect the lives of the poor.

Mr Teo Ming Kian (BE 1975)

Highly influential in public administration and economic development, he was recognised as playing a key part in sustaining Singapore's role as a world leader in science, technology and entrepreneurship.