Admissions grievances and appeals


Feedback on unsuccessful applications

If unsuccessful, you can seek feedback on your application and how to improve your chances for future applications.

Undergraduate: Unsuccessful course applications are usually because your Year 12 results do not place you high enough in the tertiary ranking system. Requests for feedback should be made in writing to the faculty registrars or managers.

Postgraduate: Contact the course coordinator in the first instance. Each faculty has an appeal procedure, available from the faculty office. Further inquiries should be made in writing to faculty registrars or managers.

Student academic and administrative complaints and grievances

  1. Initial enquiry: For issues concerning admissions, first contact Monash Connect in person or call 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274). They should be able to resolve your issue.

  2. Complaint: If the initial enquiry does not resolve your issue you can send a written complaint to:

    Manager, Admissions
    Education Business Services
    Building 3C
    Monash University VIC 3800

  3. Grievance: If you believe the complaint has not been addressed in a satisfactory manner, you may submit a written grievance to the grievance officer:

    Education Business Services
    Building 3C
    Monash University Vic 3800

Relevant policy

Academic and Administrative Complaints and Grievances Policy