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Schools Access Monash

Schools Access Monash (SAM) aims to increase students' understanding of higher education and their readiness for university studies. The program is available to schools with a significant number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds or low rates of progression to university study.

The program delivers a range of in-school and on-campus activities that allow students to engage in higher education at an early stage of their development, as well as experience university life first hand via interactive sessions.

Student Testimonials

"The campus visit gave me an excellent insight into what lies ahead and how to prepare myself for university study." Rosebud Secondary College Yr 11 student on Peninsula campus visit

"The Memory Skills session made me feel more motivated to organise myself and study harder at school." Dromana Secondary College student on the Memory study skills session

"I found the careers talk very informative. Walking around the campus also inspired me to do well at school so I could study here one day." Sandringham College Y9 student on Clayton campus visit

"I found our campus visit very helpful. I now understand what it is like to be a student which has made me a bit less nervous about the transition from VCE to university." Sandringham College, Yr10 student on Caulfield campus visit

"The student panel provided the most detailed image of what life at Monash was like and what we could expect from going there next year." (Kurnai College, Yr12 student on Q&A Panel and Clayton visit)

"My tutor was a massive help. I have greatly benefited from this program as without it I would not be going as well as I am today." Hawthorn Secondary College, Yr12 student on 2010 SAM Tutoring program

"The campus visit has really inspired me to aim high. I am willing to make sacrifices in order to have a better future and career. I am planning to go to this university!" Cranbourne Secondary College, Yr10 student on Clayton campus visit

"I really enjoyed the campus visit and want to come back here in the future." Lowanna College, Yr10 student on Gippsland campus visit

"I am more interested in attending university now. This was a wonderful experience and has improved my knowledge of university." Hampton Park Secondary College, Yr10 student on Clayton Campus visit